Darien Harris Working Out In Gym
Darien Harris Working Out In The Gym


Its that time of the year again – the time where you look yourself in the mirror and make a commitment to yourself that this is going to be YOUR year and that you’re going to do everything right this go around. You’re going to manage your finances better, have a better attitude, achieve more goals, and the infamous “workout more” goal is usually somewhere in the mix. While you may have every intention of fulfilling all of these very attainable goals, let’s face it – the one that most people fall short on first is the dreaded #GymFlow. The biggest hurdle most people run into with going to the gym is consistency, and that’s an issue mostly because of the lack of accountability. But what if you had someone to hold you accountable?

The hardest part about finding that right gym buddy is mainly finding someone with your exact schedule. Your friends outside of work usually have their own schedules to abide by, and compromising it for the gym usually isn’t something they’re willing to do. This is why your co-workers would be the perfect Workplace Workout Buddy! More times than not, your co-workers have the same or at least similar schedules to you on a weekly basis. They’re free at the same time you are. Its a match made in copy room heaven.

The other hurdle with finding the right gym buddy, outside of finding someone with a similar schedule, is finding a partner close enough in proximity to where you both can actually go to the same gym. I have tons of friends who have gym memberships at gyms all over the state. But do you know how many have memberships at gyms near my home or office? Not a single one. Now if I were to include my co-workers in my pool of potential partners, my number of potentials just grew to over 200 people. See where I’m going here?

As you can see, there’s no better potential gym buddy than someone you work with. So, next time you’re having the usual water-cooler debate over who’s the greatest ever – LeBron or Jordan (it’s always Jordan), ask if anyone is down to get a quick gym session in a few times per week. It can be as quick as a lunch break or you can set aside an hour or so to get in the weight room to burn a few calories after work. Either way, you can both hold each other accountable and push each other to hit your fitness goals this year. Also, to add a little more incentive to get the ball rolling in the office, use code MB10 at checkout at www.MoneyballSportswear.com to grab some fresh, new workout gear! Take it as our way of saying, “Good luck”. We’ll see you next year (or tomorrow).