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Moneyball Classic Hoodie – Maroon


While browsing the web or scrolling your timeline, you’ll come across plenty of stylish clothing options. From sweaters to sweatpants, beanies to ball caps, you’ll find a multitude of options. This holds especially true during the fall & winter seasons when it comes to hoodies. Of course, everyone has their favorite hoodie – their go-to when the temp drops just below your comfort zone and you’re looking for that little bit of extra warmth, without going full out parka-mode. This hoodie has endured everything imaginable for an article of clothing and it’s pretty much irreplaceable. But what do you do once its actually time to replace it? How do you know how to find the right hoodie for you? Well, we’ve decided to make this as painless as possible and we’ll help you to find your next best hoodie as fast as we can!


First things first, consider how your hoodie will be used. Will you be outdoors a lot in it or will you wear it mostly inside? Will it be a layer beneath another layer, or will it be the sole protector from winter’s chill. Whether you’re hunting the next deer head for your mantle in your mid-calf hunting boots, or you want to have comfortable movie nights without having to double up on your long sleeve shirts, there is a hoodie made specifically for you. For example, if you are an outdoorsman, you’d want to invest in a thicker hoodie that has some type of camouflage similar to the Moneyball Camouflage Hoodie. If you’re looking for something cozy to wear around the house but also something you wouldn’t mind being seen out in public wearing (unlike leather ankle boots), a basic grey or black variation of the Classic Hoodie should do the trick. 


Most people prefer hoodies over long sleeve shirts simply for the hood option. The hood seems to combat that mysterious yet annoying cool breeze, that happens to be coming from the weirdest angle. Ladies, this is kind of like wearing a very long dress with ankle boots, or a dress with boots period, and the breeze seems to only be at your exposed mid-calf and/or ankle. SOOOOO frustrating! So as you can see, hoodies provide a layer of comfort AND protection (from the elements that is). Some people even wear hoodies under that stylish jacket that conveniently didn’t come with a hood. They combine the two for a “jacket hoodie” made for runways and paparazzi. I like to believe that everyone does this and not just me.


In conclusion, no matter how stylish you are, or how much you like to hibernate inside, or how often you like to hunt those hibernating outside, there is a hoodie that best serves you. You just need to know what to look for – and once you do, you’ll find yourself creating great memories with your new favorite hoodie. Don’t forget to browse through our collection of hoodies that are just waiting to be claimed by a loving owner such as yourself. Shop the Moneyball Hoodies here.