greatest-hood-2The year is simply cruising by, it seems that only yesterday it was spring and we were gearing up for the next round of outdoor sports. Well, at this point the year is coming to an end and we barely have a month left in 2016. The past week featured one of the biggest days in sports, no, not the Super Bowl or the World Cup Finals. However, for some, the most anticipated day in sports, Thanksgiving. That’s right, the day when it is possible to eat as much as you want and watch football. The most wonderful day of the year.

Now to be fair, Thanksgiving is not only about gorging on a delightful meal, the turkey, stuffing, gravy and mashed potatoes, it is like heaven on a table. Thanksgiving also happens to be the day when families (or friends too) everywhere get together to enjoy each other’s company. That may mean sitting around the firepit sipping on apple cider, lounging around on the couch watching your favorite team between naps, or getting active and playing football in the yard. If that is the way your crew plays it, why not get some custom uniforms from Moneyball Sportswear. Just think of how awesome it would be if you were playing against your cousins from Texas in your backyard in Oklahoma, and you walk out with sweet custom jerseys from Moneyball. Boom. Shut it down.The backyard is where legends are made.

In all seriousness, the family that plays together shares a bond that is very special. Being out on the field or the court is a true bonding experience, particularly for families. There is something special about competition and sharing that with those you love. It is like being on a battlefield with all of your trusted compatriots. The laughing, sweating, at least one disagreement, and the victory at the end, the rivalry poised to renew next year.

dreamstime_xxl_7773253Keeping the fun in family is all about being together and keeping the spirit of togetherness alive. The drain of everyday life can push families apart and keep them from truly connecting. Getting outside or to the gym with your family can reinforce the bond that sometimes unwittingly slips away. The most important aspect of playing as a family is the opportunity to get your kids involved. It may seem like simple fun and exercise but in reality your kids are learning important lessons about how to stay fit and healthy.

At Moneyball Sportswear we are advocates of getting out there and playing. It might be your kids, it might be your family or you might just be shooting hoops by yourself but get out there. Celebrate Thanksgiving with a football game or New Year’s Eve with a 3 on 3 tournament for you and your buddies. Remember what fun it is to play the game again, and maybe even introduce a new player to the game. Make it a resolution in the coming year to teach someone new about your favorite game, even if it is sitting on the couch and watching football.