The roster’s set. Your games start in a month. It’s time to get uniforms for the team. If you’re team is ready to customize their uniforms, you’ll have to decide on a mascot. Now, Moneyball Sportswear can help you, in fact we’ll make all the design decisions for you, if you’d like. But it’s fun to decide on a logo and a mascot as a team. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Go Humancustom team uniform logo

Teams often opt for a human character to represent them on the field. Think Trojans. Think the Fighting Irish. A team with an aggressive human mascot speaks to your fervor for sport. Go for a get-up that captures the spirit of your team. Some players like to go for a friendlier local feel over a hostile mascot. Think about the New England Patriots. There mascot is literally a patriot: creatively named Pat Patriot.

Go Animal

Animalian mascots are the most popular choice. With so many fierce animals in a dog eat dog world, it’s easy to see why animal mascots abound. Go for aggressive animals. Think lions, tigers, and bears. Or go creepy-crawly: Think snakes, spiders, and bats. Or go avian: Think eagles, hawks, owls, and falcons. Or go for the sea: Think dolphins, stingrays, and sharks.

Go Crazy

Now, if you can’t settle on a human or an animal, it’s time to go crazy. Throw all the rules out the window and brainstorm on a mascot that’s sure to turn heads. For instance, natural disasters are always good: Tsunamis, lightning, thunder, volcanoes, earthquakes, and the like.

Or feel free to get even more creative and crazy with your mascot. Crazy mascots seem to be everywhere in the world of college sports. Check out this article entitled, “Most Ridiculous College Mascots and Nicknames of All Time.” In the list, you’ll find Mr. Okra – a mascot who is literally based off of a veggie. To keep the food theme going, you can attend Louisiana Lafayette. There, the mascot is Cayenne… that’s right, the spice. Or there’s Keggy the Keg. Keggy, as you may guess, looks like a beer keg. Now Brutus, the Ohio State Buckeye mascot, is loosely based on a buckeye nut. Or there’s the Stanford Tree from Stanford University. Attend a Xavier game, you’ll catch a glimpse of The Blue Blob. Then there’s Big Red of the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers. Big Red is, well, kind of like The Blue Blob; Big Red is all red, with two lifeless eyes, and a mouth that can devour anything… even the occasional fan.


Once you’ve figured out your mascot – which isn’t an easy task as you can see – it’s time to get your custom team uniforms built! We can help you design your team logo, or we can work with a design that you’ve come up with. Feel free to request a quote for your custom team uniform here. Or if you’re curious about our sports apparel and customizable uniforms, you can get in touch with a Moneyball Sportswear representative here.