tackle twill custom uniformsTackle twill is an excellent technique for adding numbers, names, and emblems to our uniform materials. Tackle twill is an industry-standard technique, and it provides a long-lasting product.

The Design Process

Through the tackle twill process, a ‘patch’ is designed and created through the aid of a computer. This patch will be printed by a machine. Patches can be designed as any number of symbols and patterns, including lettering, numbers, and emblems. This makes tackle twill ideal for producing custom uniforms and sports apparel.


To apply patches to sportswear, the patch is first placed on the taut fabric of the uniform. Then, the uniform and patch are placed in the stitching machine. A specialized machine performs fast-paced sewing around the edges of the emblem and throughout the emblem as is necessary. This stitching secures the patch to the uniform fabric, and it provides an elegant look that’s popular in the world of sports.

Why Choose Tackle Twill?

Tackle twill is desirable due to its durability, versatility, and aesthetic. Tackle twill patch applications are raised above the fabric, providing an extra dimension to our custom sports clothing. When you get custom uniforms through Moneyball Sportswear, we can utilize tackle twill to provide you with a unique, professional quality design. We can also design and produce custom uniforms through sublimation and reverse sublimation printing techniques.

If you’re curious about our custom uniforms, or if you’d like to learn more about our production techniques, feel free to give us a call. You can also get started by requesting a quote for custom uniforms here.