The Perfect Pass


Sahara Template

The pitch is lit from two lights, barely as bright a flashlight. You meet here every Monday night, rain or shine, for the weekly match. It takes dedication, heart and the absolute need to play the game to show up some days. Despite a thousand excuses; the lawn needs mowing, a proposal is due tomorrow, the in-laws are in town, the sink is leaking, the kids are acting up, it’s pouring down rain, you need custom uniforms. None of these excuses matter once you step on the pitch and make that perfect first pass.The reason to play the game has escaped you long ago and now it is purely out of love. That perfect pass, the targeted header and the sublime goal. That’s all that matters when you are on the field. Life is paused for a short period and the focus is on the next whistle and the ball. We get it.

Dedication Deserves the Best

Dress for the position that you want; that is the old adage in the business world, and it applies to the soccer pitch as well. You could have a team that plays once a month and always comes in last. The thing that separates you from most others it that you are out there in the dirt, getting after it. Don’t you deserve to look like winners? Of course you do. Do you think Messi feels indifferent when he pulls his kit on? Of course not. He is ready to play, more importantly, ready to win and take no prisoners. Is it the jersey alone that makes him feel this way? No.

Defend Your House

The reason the greatest soccer player in the world gets as pumped up as a toddler in a ball pit is because of what his jersey represents. His team. His team is there rain or shine, for the assist, the pass or the word with the ref after a yellow card. What does your team have in common with Messi? Not much except the brotherhood that comes with playing the beautiful game. You have each others’ backs and always show up when it is needed. You defend your pitch from interlopers.

The Next Level

You are a team and act as such, in the match or on the street. Isn’t it time to consider custom uniforms? Picture yourself pulling on your own jersey, just like Messi, and jogging out to your team on the pitch. All of your brothers are wearing their custom jerseys and you have taken your team to the next level. With Moneyball Sportswear you can custom design your own unique uniform. We offer a variety of colors, patterns and configurations to accent your team and make them stand out. Team logos, sponsors, player names, all can be added to your jersey of choice.

Moneyball Sportswear is your premier custom uniform designer and supplier. We can’t help you play like Messi but you can feel the same rush! Please check out our custom soccer uniform page and order your team their kits today!