The Love is Enough

The ball reports off of the bat like a cannon shot. You realize that it is well beyond the distance that you have reached before. The air is thick with humidity and sweat begins to run into your eyes. The ball disappears over the fence to the sound of broken glass. You look at your teammates and wonder if it is reason to celebrate or apologize. You stick your fist in the air and run the bases, like a professional at Fenway you jog into home surrounded by your buddies. The custom uniforms have paid off, finally. The down side is, the car you hit belonged to the state patrol and you pulled your groin on the next at-bat.
dreamstime_xxl_43296182Beer League

Now you and your buddies are terrible softball players but you have legit custom team uniforms. The name you have chosen, Sons of Pitches, screams seventh place in a seven-team league. Do you care? I’ll bet not. The spectacular home run aside, you guys have the most fun being the worst. Practices turn into an hour of messing around with your buddies and post game beers are always a bonding experience. This is beer league.

It’s More than the Game

At Moneyball Sportswear we don’t care if you are a three-time golden glove winner or a housewife who was dragged to coed softball by her husband. We want you to look great missing that throw to third. Check out all of our custom softball uniforms and get your team ready to win! Well maybe not win…