Team Pride

EMU Quidditch
EMU Quidditch

It is that time of year again. The leaves are changing, that special feeling of fall is in the air. You know the one, the cool, crisp nostalgic feeling that comes with a special connection. That feeling of something starting. It is probably (for some of us) an ancient feeling that is reminiscent of school bells and early morning practices. It is the time of year when school starts and school pride is in full swing. What better way to exhibit your school pride than with custom sports apparel from Moneyball Sportswear. Moneyball Sportswear is designed to be the ultimate collaboration between quality and performance.


When you are looking for uniforms for your team, whether you coach or simply are a supporter, Moneyball Sportswear is the answer. We offer custom uniforms for almost any sport you can think of, Quidditch anyone? Seriously, the mythical sport for wizards that was created by an author is in our arsenal of exceptional uniforms.    


HEART LADIESLet’s say though, that you want to order custom uniforms for a “normal” sport like hockey. The forward might be missing a few teeth but missing the opportunity to represent your team is not acceptable. Choose from one of our professional quality templates and your uniforms will be custom made for your team, making you stand out from the… well, less talented teams out there. You and your team will surely feel like the pro’s, even if you are over 50 with not one good pair of knees on the whole squad.


Moneyball Sportswear believes in the power of the game, the pride it instills and the lives it saves. Take pride in you team, your school and yourself. Represent your pride with custom uniforms, t-shirts and gear that are sure to have your competitors take notice. As we like to say “Do It From The Heart or It Don’t Count”.

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