Teaching With Sports

dreamstime_xxl_19151718When things go bad in this world and the offender is a child, we tend to blame the parents. In this age we live in of mass shootings, terrorism and political divisiveness, it is the parents who we look to when something goes wrong. The parents are not always the ones to blame and it is a slippery slope when solely blaming the parents when something happens.


That being said, as parents we have a responsibility to make sure our kids are safe and happy. At Moneyball Sportswear, we believe in the power of the game. Custom uniforms, inspirational sportswear and performance gear are only a part of what we are all about. We believe in the positivity of healthy competition, the joy that comes from achieving your dreams and the comradery that is nurtured within a team. These traits all come from a parent’s gift of playing with their children.


HEART LADIESAt most levels, sports are about playing and enjoying, the competition is secondary but still important. It is good for children to learn the lessons that accompany playing team sports. It is also good for parents to teach their children about the responsibilities that comes with playing on a team: The responsibility to themselves, their teammates and their team. It is about giving it your all, success and failure.


The way our society is these days could benefit from more parents being involved with their children, instilling core values that stimulate hard work and determination. It is you, the parent, that they will look up to and emulate, let’s create the best possible example for them. Play with your children, read to your children and encourage your children. Teach them that the best thing about playing sports is not only winning and losing but the grace and integrity with which you play.     

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