Success Is Worn

What does it take to be happy and successful? We could go on for hours and hours about the various metaphors or slogans and we would never actually figure out the “secret” to success. Everyone has a formula, everyone has a recipe and everyone has a “sure fire way” to make you successful. Billions are spent every year on self help success oriented material, podcasts, custom uniforms and conferences. I am reminded of the movie “Up In The Air” and the character Ryan Bingham who equates success with happiness, eventually realizing that success and happiness are relative.

The Myth of Success

Romanticism of poverty is always used as an example of being happy in most success oriented rhetoric. The old adage that those without monetary success are the happiest is meant to get us all warm and cozy when things don’t go our way. This view of happiness and success is a crutch for failure.

body_image_wide_teamsLet me explain

I am not saying that monetary success is the key to happiness but, in most success-focused rhetoric, money is thrown around quite a bit. That is the dichotomy we face when listening to someone else tell us what success is and how to achieve it. That dude on stage ranting about happiness is probably extremely happy to be able to give inspirational talks, while making a ton of money. Conversely, that guy living in a trailer with a pet goat and a huge dysfunctional family is not guaranteed happiness simply because he has his family around. Given what we have been force-fed by society, it is highly likely we would perceive that the goat guy is happier.

Show Up

Happiness and success will always be elusive for some people simply because they don’t show up. Peyton Manning the future hall-of-fame quarterback for the Colts and Broncos said, “I’ve never left the field saying,’I could have done more to get ready.’ And that gives me peace of mind.” That guy is the poster child for showing up, simply being there is not enough you have to “show up”. You need to be prepared, engaged and ready to work. If you do that, happiness and success will find you. The downside is, if you are a complete jerk, you will only get so far; being a jerk only works really well if you are an actor.

Look The Part

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