sublimation custom uniformsIn our last blog, entitled “The Tackle Twill Technique,” we described tackle twill as an embroidery technique. Today, we’ll be delving into another industry-standard technique: Sublimation. Here at Moneyball Sportswear, we provide sublimation and reverse sublimation techniques on our custom uniforms. Let’s delve into the sublimation design process, sublimation process, and benefits that sublimation has to offer.

Sublimation Design

Sublimation is a dyeing technique that allows for very specific designs. Even photographs can be reproduced to a fairly high resolution on clothing through the sublimation technique. To begin a sublimation design, an image is designed using computer software. Since sublimation can produce very clear images in any number of colors, the options are limitless. Designs can include patterns, logos, names, and images.

Sublimation Dyeing

Sublimation dyeing is a process on the same level as printing. Once a design has been rendered on the computer, it can be printed on fabric. The dyes bond with the material within the fabric of a uniform, where they dry and become permanent.

The Benefits of Sublimation

Sublimation is long-lasting, very bright and offers a full palette of colors. It’s an excellent technique for covering the entire dimensions of a piece of clothing. Utilizing sublimation on our custom sports apparel allows us to provide versatile designs that are completely unique.

Again, sublimation is a dyeing technique that’s permanent. As with all of our custom uniforms, our sublimation designs are backed by a full-year guarantee on our uniforms. If you find a defect, send your uniform back to us, we’ll produce another and get it to you as soon as possible. Ready to get a quote on your upcoming sports apparel design? Click here.