If you are a company looking to increase employee performance, boost morale and encourage health and wellness, forming a company sports team may be a great solution. With so many great team sports to choose from, you may have a hard time deciding whether to form a basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, football or hockey team. Whatever sport you choose to go with, make the experience even better by ordering custom team uniforms from Moneyball Sportswear. We can provide you with team gear that will make your team stand out, and can include your company name! Let our custom team uniforms help your company team today, and get started with a new company sports team.dreamstime_xxl_30841446


If you are looking to promote healthy employees in your workplace, offering a team sport is an excellent option. Sports get people moving, and are part of a healthy lifestyle. Consider having team practices, and provide information for employees to train and condition on their own. Sometimes all someone needs is some healthy competition to incorporate more exercise into their life! A company team gives employees wanting to get back into the sports they love a chance to do it with their coworkers.

Improved Work Performance

The bonds and communication skills formed during company team sports can translate to the workplace as well. If employees are comfortable with their coworkers, and have tackled working together on the sports field, they will work together better in their workplace as well. Getting to know your coworker’s strengths and weaknesses on the field can help with job performance. Any activities that bring employees together in fun, positive ways reap only good things in the workplace.


Boosting employee morale is easily accomplished through company team sports. When you form a sports team, everyone is working together toward a goal that is achievable in one game-winning. In the workplace, employees are often disconnected and chasing after very different goals. Company team sports gives employees a common goal to focus on and can boost company morale. A company team also shows employees that their employer cares about them outside of the workplace and can make them feel more valued. Nothing will boost morale more than a great win against a fierce competitor!


A company sports team is a great chance to get your company’s name out into the community. Getting custom team uniforms made through Moneyball Sportswear is the perfect chance to let everyone know what company your sports team is representing. This builds brand awareness, and gives employees a chance to connect with other players, teams, companies and community members. Let your community know that you are a company that cares about your employees and encourages positive, healthy team building!


Forming a company sports team can be great for many aspects of your business, from employee’s morale to brand awareness. If you have been wanting to find a great team building experience for your employees, a company sports team is a great idea! Order your custom team uniforms from Moneyball Sportswear today, and get started on a great season!