Soccer has been on the rise in popularity in the United States with the US Women’s National Team winning the World Cup in 2015 and the US Men’s National Team’s Tim Howard making records as the goalkeeper. Until recently, there were few American players in the European football leagues. Clint Dempsey and Landon Donovan have been notable exceptions, but we are seeing up and coming players such as Rubio Rubin, Matt Miazga and Emerson Hyndman getting field time in Europe.The “Beautiful Game” is attracting more and more American youth, and spring is a great time to get your kids started with soccer.

dreamstime_xxl_11002436One reason soccer is such an appealing and accessible sport is the minimal equipment required to play. A quick pickup game of soccer only requires a ball and something to serve as the goals. Shoes are not even completely required for an impromptu game! Compared to other sports, such as football or hockey, this makes soccer an easy sport for your child to try out and see if they like. Although the equipment is minimal, there are a few key items you need when playing on an organized team. The following items are what is needed when starting your soccer career:

  • Soccer cleats. Cleats give the traction needed on grass to quickly change direction or turn. If you are playing indoors, soccer shoes will be flat.
  • Shin guards. Shin guards are very important for protecting the bottom part of the legs, where injury from the ball or other players presents risks. Choose from a variety of styles.
  • Soccer socks. A soccer sock goes up to the knee, and covers the shin guard.
  • Uniform. A great soccer uniform can unify your team and help you stand out. We have many templates to choose from to help you look like the professional soccer players you love. Our custom team uniforms will be the finishing touch for your team!
  • Water bottle. Don’t get out on the field to realize you forgot to bring water. A designated water bottle will keep you hydrated throughout the game.
  • Soccer ball. During practice you will want to have your own ball to practice with. Juggling, shooting, passing and dribbling are all great moves to practice to build your soccer skills!


As soccer gains more momentum in the United States, new clubs and teams are sure to be springing up all over. Exposing your child to soccer early can give them a lifelong love of the game, and keep them physically active. Many major sports stations are now airing soccer games from Europe and South America regularly, giving you a practically year-round opportunity to enjoy watching. Indoor soccer also gives the option of playing all year in climates that would normally restrict outdoor sports. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, with roughly 265 million players (4 percent of the world’s population) involved! Soccer is played in the Fall and Spring seasons, so start now. Introduce your kids to the world of Messi and Ronaldo, get them some gear, and get them out on the pitch (that’s the soccer field for us Americans)!