Have you ever thought about why the sports that we play or watch use the uniforms that they do? Well let’s talk a bit about the way uniforms have evolved over time. It is human nature to become nostalgic about days gone by, maybe it is the fact that we tend to think of the past as better than the future. The old uniforms make us feel like the little kids who used to watch people like Terry Bradshaw, Ted Williams or Michael Jordan. The resurgence of “throwback” team uniforms is apparent everywhere, especially the football field where vintage jerseys and unimaginable color combinations bring us back. At Moneyball Sportswear we create custom uniforms for the future, we respect the past and strive for excellence.


The first baseball uniforms were worn in New York by the Knickerbockers in 1849. Simple, classic white shirts with knee socks and straw hats. The epitome of class and character on the baseball field. Through the years following that fateful game, baseball uniforms have gone through a drastic evolution. Gone are the flannel shirts and knee socks, now we have synthetic materials and overly designed mascots. In the early years, jerseys didn’t even have numbers.


Football uniforms have changed the most throughout the years. We all have seen the comical leather aviator-style helmets of the early 20th century. The addition of pads, interestingly, came along with the addition of tackling below the knee. Modern-day football players resemble robots in the advanced, technical gear of the gridiron of today. The current state of football gear is in a period of adjustment with the controversy about concussions.



Moneyball Sportswear is proud to be the finest custom uniform company in the world. We can help you with football, basketball, baseball and even Quidditch (?!) custom uniforms. Contact us today for your estimate and dress your players in the best.

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