Michigan Flight – Tapered Jogger


Tapered Polyester Blend Jogger –

PICK UP LOCATION – will be at the “Michigan Sports Facility”.

ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS  – Ordering END DATE is 10/31/2023 (  Items take 4 weeks to return.

To ensure all orders are placed. Orders after October 31st 2023 will be delayed.

Also, please choose LOCAL PICKUP ONLY. Orders will not be shipped! You will receive a COMPLETE email at which your item/items are available for pick up at the Michigan Flight HQ There is a $1.00 handling fee ( THIS IS NOT A SHIPPING COST )

**If you have any questions or concerns about your order, please send email to Shanear Trice at strice@moneyballsportswear.com – If you call our store location, our sales associates will NOT have knowledge about this particular order, so sending an email to Shanear is the best option.**