Powerade Platform announces partnership with Moneyball Sportswear.

A new premier basketball tour emerged in 2017 called the Powerade Platform. The nationwide tour consists of travel teams showcasing top Division 1 basketball talent to NCAA coaches during the key recruiting periods of April, May, and July. Events were held in DC, Indianapolis, Nashville, and Charlotte. In addition, the tour provided individual skills camps and has big expansion plans for 2018.   “In year two and beyond, we are looking forward to growing together with Moneyball Sportswear” says owner and founder DeShawn Bean.

While the Powerade Platform tour was founded in Detroit, so also was Moneyball Sportswear over 15 years ago by former NBA player Desmond Ferguson. Moneyball Sportswear provides athletes around the world with premium custom uniforms and will now be the sole and exclusive uniform and apparel provider for the Powerade Platform tour. “We are excited about this partnership and bringing our uniforms to new teams around the country. The Powerade Platform tour, like Moneyball Sportwear, has been growing at a rapid rate. We want to continue with that growth in the coming years and we are happy to be part of this journey” said CEO and owner Ferguson.

Powerade Platform can be reached at info@poweradeplatform.com or www.poweradeplatform.com

Moneyball Sportswear can be reached at dferguson@moneyballsportswear.com or www.moneyballsportswear.com