Moneyball Blog: “DO MORE”

Do More



The Moneyball Baker’s Dozen concept is simple. Every month in 2015, Moneyball Sportswear will release an original t-
shirt design. When you collect the 12 shirts, you receive the 13th one free to complete the baker’s dozen!

We will be releasing our eigth new design of 2015 this Monday, August 24th called “DO MORE”

Just when you think that you have done enough, DO MORE. When you are working out at the gym and are ready to quit before that last rep, push yourself to DO MORE. If you feel that you have more to give in your relationships, then DO MORE. Whatever it is, always push yourself to “DO MORE” in all aspects of life.

The “DO MORE” design is available in adult t-shirts, and ladies scoop neck t-shirts.