Battle Tested - Black TeeIn the charged political climate of today, the divisions are apparent when you watch the news or social media. The division seems to be an odd combination of internet anonymity and the need for shock value. Thankfully, everything in the political spectrum is going to eventually calm down and life will go back to normal. That being said, there is a lot that politics in America can learn from team sports. All we need to make everyone play nice is a brand new set of custom uniforms from Moneyball Sportswear. Moneyball is the premier, custom team uniform distributor in the country. We offer uniforms for almost every team sport you can think of: Soccer, basketball football and even hockey. The quality of our uniforms is what sets us apart from the competition.


That’s right, competition; competition is healthy when there is respect for the game and that begins with playing for the simple joy of the game. In this day and age there is a lot of talk about participation trophies and such, the idea of discouraging competition for the sake of saving a child from defeat. As with politics, the debate becomes heated surrounding this philosophy, and the lines are drawn. Regardless of which side you are on, competition will never truly go away, it is in our nature as living things to compete for almost everything. The thing about competition is that it is not simply about playing the game, but about winning. To humans, the idea of competition has become twisted into the idea that competing is only about the game; well that is true to a sense, but in the grand scheme of things, competition is all about winning.

Elk Battles

dreamstime_10563210Think of it this way, bull elk move through the summer months in tight knit bachelor groups. They travel their range, defend their group from predators and generally get along pretty well. Once fall hits, however, all bets are off and the bull elk are now in competition with one another. The elk ensure their genetics will survive by amassing what is known as a harem, or a group of females. These harems are guarded fiercely by the big bull elk and are often challenged by other bulls for the harem. Spectacular fights ensue with grappling antlers and mud flying off of digging hooves. This is competition at its finest, one winner and one loser. The drive of the elk is motivated by something other than the simple desire to fight; it is the desire to win.   

It is a fine line that we walk when we take away the desire to win and simply play a game for the simple act of playing it. When every little kid on the t-ball team is given a trophy, it is reinforcing that winning isn’t everything. A very solid lesson because eventually, everyone comes in second and losing is as important as winning. Winning, however, is ingrained in us as much as it is the politicians or the bull elk fighting for his harem, where the only thing that matters is winning.