Something crazy is happening in the world of children’s sports with referees having to chastise and even remove people from the game. It’s not the children though… it’s the adults! How have children’s sports become so cutthroat for adults? How can we put the fun back in the game? Read on to see how to enjoy your children’s sporting events without causing them or yourself any embarrassment or negative consequences.

Be a Spectator, Not a Coach

If you are paying for a coach, and for your child to be on a team, then be content to watch the games knowing your child is as prepared as they can be. When children have been interviewed after games to see if they are able to hear or act on advice they hear from the sidelines, the answer is definitively NO. Even more, you could be yelling things at your child that are contradictory to what their coach is telling them; all this does is confuse your child. Let the coach be the coach, and you be the parent. Being there for your child as a spectator is worth more than feeling you also must be the coach. Additionally, you will be able to enjoy yourself more if you relax and just take in the game, instead of putting the burden of coach on yourself as well.

Be Positive

Cheering for kids should be just that… cheery. Yelling at your kids during a game is not helpful to anyone! We have all sat next to someone at a sporting event who is intent on “coaching” all of the players on the field or rink. As awkward as that can be, it is even more troubling when you are sitting next to a parent ripping into their kid’s performance. Your child is not going to respond well to negative criticism while they are in the middle of a sport, and none of the other fans will appreciate your bad attitude either. So keep it positive, and hopefully your kid’s sporting events will be a fun time, instead of a criticism session.


If you are watching your child’s games, keep in mind that perspective is important. Of course, you want your child to succeed, to grow, and probably to win. However, winning isn’t everything, and it is important for your kids to know how to lose as well. If you have a good perspective on the matter, they will too. There is a reason that they put signs up at kid’s soccer games that say “This is not the World Cup”; keep in mind the level your kid is at, and act accordingly.


Hopefully you are already cheerfully enjoying your kid’s sports and games. If not, consider some of the above tips to bring back some positivity and perspective into your spectating. Kids are only young once, make the sporting events of their youth fun and memorable. If you are thinking of getting your child involved in sports, and need team uniforms, check out our great selection!