Football and Thanksgiving: A Perfect Match November 3, 2017

For many people, their thanksgiving is not complete without turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and… football! Football has become an integral part of Thanksgiving day, but where did this tradition come from? Read on to learn more about how Thanksgiving and football became the perfect match.

How Thanksgiving Football Started

Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863 and the first football games on Thanksgiving took place in 1869, so football has been integral to this holiday almost right from the start. This first Thanksgiving game was played in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the Germantown Club, and subsequent games were played between Princeton and Yale. The Intercollegiate Football Association officially made football a Thanksgiving fixture in 1882 when they decided to hold an annual collegiate championship game in New York City on Thanksgiving day. The two leading teams in the association would play, and now Thanksgiving weekend marks the end of the regular season for college football. Professional football teams have played on Thanksgiving since their start in the 1890s, and the New York Pro Football League and the Ohio League combined into the NFL in 1920 and the NFL has played on Thanksgiving ever since. The Detroit Lions have played home Thanksgiving games since 1934 as have the Dallas Cowboys since 1966. The Lions’ then-owner, George A. Richards set up the holiday game as a way to draw attention to his new franchise, and Richards used his radio station to broadcast to 94 stations nationwide. Although the Lions lost the match to the Chicago Bears, the tradition stuck and inspired the manager of the larger Dallas Cowboys to start playing a Thanksgiving game as well. Many people today think of pumpkin pie, turkey, and the Lions and the Cowboys as Thanksgiving fixtures. The NFL added a third game to this lineup in 2006, and a rotating host team would play on Thanksgiving night.

Turkey Bowl

Along with professional and college football games on Thanksgiving day, high schools often have games as well that are called a Turkey Bowl or Turkey Day Game. This is in honor of the main dish that graces most American’s Thanksgiving tables, and often these games are against a fierce rival or a culmination of league play that will result in a champion for the year. Turkey Bowl is now also used by informal groups who organize Thanksgiving day games and could include flag football, street football, or touch football. Although these Turkey Bowl games are informal, they often involve rivalries that can last for decades between families, coworkers, fraternities, and churches across the country. Even if you don’t participate in an organized game, if the weather is nice Thanksgiving is a great time to toss around the pigskin (and maybe burn off some of those calories)!

Throwback Uniforms

A fun tradition of Thanksgiving day games in recent years has been the introduction of wearing throwback uniforms. The NFL debuted their Throwbacks Collection in 1991, and in 1994 honoring the NFL’s 75th anniversary teams were allowed to wear old uniform styles. Not every part of the old uniforms were copied, especially ones that might pose a safety risk such as the obsolete leather helmets that were discontinued in the 1950s. Instead, decals and striping were removed from the current helmets to fit better with the older style of jerseys. The throwback jerseys also still displayed the player’s last name on the back, which has been part of the NFL official rules since 1970. The fonts used on the throwback jerseys were as close as possible to the originals, and some teams wore jerseys that existed before the large player number was displayed on the front, so they included a smaller number on the shoulder. Some of these jerseys were so popular that they became the full-time team uniforms. In 2013 the NFL imposed new rules that prohibited the use of alternate colored helmets, which has hampered having a truly throwback uniform for many teams. Teams can still use alternate decals, or no decals, but they must also use them on the regular helmets. Thanksgiving day games have become a time when teams, notably the Lions and Cowboys, showcase their throwback jerseys.

Thanksgiving Football Games 2017

Continuing the football tradition, this year there will be three NFL games played on Thanksgiving. The Detroit Lions will face off against the Minnesota Vikings at 12:30pm ET; this will be their second face off in the 2017 season. Then the Dallas Cowboys will take on the Los Angeles Chargers at 4:30pm ET—this is the first time the Chargers will have played on Thanksgiving since 1970. The third game makes NFL history, as the Washington Redskins host a game for the first time in their franchise history. They will play the New York Giants, and while the Redskins have played many a Thanksgiving match, they have not hosted. In addition to these professional games will be various college level and high school games, and countless neighborhoods will head outside to throw the football around.

So get ready for some turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberries, and a healthy dose of football. If you are one of the millions of Americans who equate Thanksgiving and football you won’t be disappointed this year! There is something special about gathering together, eating great food, and watching exciting games. Moneyball Sportswear wishes you a happy Thanksgiving, and if you are looking to make your own custom team throwback uniforms, request a free quote from us today!

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The Myth of the Dumb Jock October 5, 2017

Surely you have heard the stereotypes: nerds are smart, jocks are dumb, and the cool kids just don’t care. While pigeonholing students is becoming less pronounced, the misconception that athletes don’t achieve as much academically persists. New studies are finding that not only is the dumb jock stereotype not true, athletes actually tend to perform better academically than their uninvolved peers. Let’s dispel the dumb jock myth once and for all, and replace it with the idea that athletes are actually leading the way in both physical and mental performance.

Physical Exercise Helps the Brain

A recent article from Florida National University highlights several recent studies that have proven that physical exercise is good for the brain. MRI scans show that when sedentary individuals suddenly increase their physical activity the volume of their hippocampus and frontal and temporal lobes increases. These areas of the brain are connected to cognitive function, memory, and learning. Another study found that when adolescents increased their exercise, their exam performance increased as well. For boys, every extra 17 minutes they exercised showed increased performance in math, english, and science, and for girls 12 extra minutes showed an increase. Additionally, a CDC report saw that physical education had either a positive or neutral effect on academic achievement, with 11 out of 14 studies showing positive correlation. So, physical exercise is good for the brain, good for performance, and good for students. While this exercise doesn’t have to come from sports, athletic programs are a great way for kids to stay physically active and continually push themselves.

Kansas Athletes

While sports organizations had been saying for years that athletes made better students, Angela Lumpkin, who coached women’s basketball in the 1970s, set out to make a concrete case. She used data from the entire state of Kansas to measure high school student performance in relation to athletics. Her findings were persuasive in offering evidence that athletes were outperforming their peers in notable areas. The incidence of a GPA of 3.5 or higher was almost 20 percent higher in female athletes, and almost 10 percent higher in male athletes. The graduation rate of female athletes surpassed that of their non-athlete peers, and for boys it was a whopping 10 percent higher! So much for the idea that “dumb jocks” can only play sports—this data showed that they also were academically successful. Another notable statistic was that the attendance rate of athletes was higher for both girls and boys than their non-athlete peers, showing that the worries that athletics and sports will be too much for a young student are false. This data gave a tangible way to measure the success of athletes, and to calm fears that they wouldn’t be as academically successful as their peers.


The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has worked hard to dispel the myth of the dumb jock. They use their own graduation success rate (GSR) to measure long-term academic success. According to the GSR, the percent of freshman Division 1 athletes who entered college in 2001 and graduated with a bachelor’s degree by 2007 was 79 percent—15 percent higher than the standard federal graduation rate. The GSR seeks to not penalize students who transfer to another school in good academic standing, and aims to look at the long term achievement of the student. Their findings indicate that, again, sports have a positive impact on students and should not be seen as academic hindrances.


Another common misconception is that sports will take up time that should be dedicated to academics, and as a result grades and performance will suffer. While sports definitely do take up time, they actually force a student to become more organized and use their time more efficiently. A rigorous game and training schedule teaches students to prioritize their schoolwork, and can often eliminate the last minute all-nighter. Consistent training can lead to consistent homework and study times, which can help students prepare for college and beyond. Self-discipline can help get rid of procrastination, and help with academic focus. Being organized and able to manage time effectively is extremely useful in every job that you could have and equip a young athlete with lifelong skills.

Mental Health

The high school and college years can be a challenging time for a young student, and when you add in all of the physical and social changes, as well as changes in responsibility, it is no wonder that so many youth struggle with their mental health. Stress, anxiety, and depression can all negatively affect school performance, and grades can suffer. Sports are a great outlet for giving the brain mood-boosting chemicals that can keep you happy and positively impact your school performance. Endorphins are released during exercise that can give you a positive outlook on life, and keep schoolwork feeling manageable. A happier, more motivated student will do better academically; just another reason that being a jock is a smart choice.


The final destination after years of schooling is to find a satisfying and sustaining job, and research by British Universities and Sport (BUCS) has shown that participation in sports is appealing to employers. Employers were more likely to prefer a candidate who had sports involvement on their resume, and saw sports as indicating a greater scope of skill than just academics alone. Far from being seen as someone who only can perform on the field, athletes are viewed as well-rounded individuals who have more to offer than just book-smarts.


A big reason to squash the dumb jock myth once and for all is impact it can have on the athlete through self-perception. looked at how this stereotype can become self-fulfilling in students that are athletes. Research revealed that when students viewed themselves as dumb, they were less likely to do well academically. A study done where the students were reminded of their jock association beforehand showed that they scored 12 percent lower than their peers on GRE-style tests. However, the times may be changing. A recent study from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh found that participants in the study who were student-athletes had significantly higher math test scores than the non-athletes. One explanation for this is that the backlash against this stereotype is actually helping athletes recognize and achieve higher academic achievements than their peers.

Get Smart

If you want to have all-around achievement, sports seem like a great complement to academics. Students who play sports are more motivated, higher-scoring, happier, and more likely to land the jobs they want. At Moneyball Sportswear, we want to encourage each child to reach their fullest potential, and work closely with the community to host camps that can introduce kids to basketball for the first time. Every parent wants to set their child up for success, and evidence shows time and again that the “dumb jocks” have actually become the smart athletes.  If your child has an affinity for sports, see this as a great way that they can learn to manage their time, have self-discipline, and reach their goals. If you are looking for the best custom team uniforms for your smart jock, look no further than Moneyball—we have the gear you need to be successful on the court, field, or rink!

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Powerade Platform Announces Partnership With Moneyball Sportswear September 6, 2017

Powerade Platform announces partnership with Moneyball Sportswear.

A new premier basketball tour emerged in 2017 called the Powerade Platform. The nationwide tour consists of travel teams showcasing top Division 1 basketball talent to NCAA coaches during the key recruiting periods of April, May, and July. Events were held in DC, Indianapolis, Nashville, and Charlotte. In addition, the tour provided individual skills camps and has big expansion plans for 2018.   “In year two and beyond, we are looking forward to growing together with Moneyball Sportswear” says owner and founder DeShawn Bean.

While the Powerade Platform tour was founded in Detroit, so also was Moneyball Sportswear over 15 years ago by former NBA player Desmond Ferguson. Moneyball Sportswear provides athletes around the world with premium custom uniforms and will now be the sole and exclusive uniform and apparel provider for the Powerade Platform tour. “We are excited about this partnership and bringing our uniforms to new teams around the country. The Powerade Platform tour, like Moneyball Sportwear, has been growing at a rapid rate. We want to continue with that growth in the coming years and we are happy to be part of this journey” said CEO and owner Ferguson.

Powerade Platform can be reached at or

Moneyball Sportswear can be reached at or


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NAPB Partners With Moneyball Sportswear September 5, 2017

NAPB Partners With Moneyball Sportswear


The North American Premier Basketball League (NAPB) of Chicago, IL and Moneyball Sportswear of Lansing, MI, formally announce a (2) year agreement that has the NAPB wearing Moneyball Uniforms and selling Moneyball brand sportswear as their official licensed apparel line.

The product will utilize Moneyball’s extensive design skills, including the use of sublimated technology that allows the uniforms to have designs in the fabric.

NAPB President/COO, David Magley says, “Having a league wide uniform arrangement allows us to show a professional look from consistent placement of logos to size and type of fonts used in lettering and numbers.  Additionally the Moneyball brand is on the cutting edge of offering for our fans to wear as they support their favorite teams and the league.”

The online store for the league will be up on the NAPB website within the next week


North American Premier Basketball will begin its inaugural season January 1, 2018.

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Thinking of Getting Into Basketball? August 18, 2017

Are you just joining a basketball team, or getting back into the game? Starting on a new team can be intimidating, and joining seasoned basketball players can make you question your skills. If you are thinking of getting into basketball, here are some great tips and tricks to help you look less like a newbie and more like a pro.

Practice Makes Perfect

You can’t make those 3 point shots? Your dribbling skills would fit in on an elementary school court? No worries. Everyone started off at the bottom, and only practice refines your skills and takes you to the next level. Nothing can substitute for practice, and practice needs time. Mastering the fundamentals of basketball will give you the base you need to tackle the harder moves, and will set you up for success. No one likes to be bad at something, but if you start at the bottom, where do you have to go but up? Even one week of dedicated practice on a particular skill can give you tangible results and provoke you to practice more. Even basketball legends need to practice, so never underestimate the power of honing your skills.


Aside from practicing basketball-specific skills, overall physical training is good as well. Basketball is a fast-paced, physically demanding sport, and being in peak condition will up your game. The more in shape you are, the better endurance you will have, and the quicker your response time. You will also have readied your body for the rigors of a game, and you are less likely to get injured while playing. Running, biking, or swimming can be great for cardiovascular fitness, and yoga or martial arts can help your flexibility, focus, and response. Don’t settle for just learning new basketball basics. Train to get your whole body in peak physical condition and you will reap the rewards on the court.

Warm Up

Don’t be the person who runs out on the court the first day emulating Michael Jordan only to pull a hamstring trying to slam dunk. Every time you practice, and every game you play in, you need to be conscious of having enough warm-up time to get your body ready. Stretching and getting your body moving before you start a full practice or game gets your muscles ready and will help you avoid injury. A good warm up will include stretching and cardiovascular activity that gets your heart pumping.

Mentally Prepare

While your body needs to be in shape to play a good basketball game, your mind needs to be ready as well. Are you ready to put in hard work on the court, and break through discouragement and feelings of inadequacy? Are you ready to be a team player who can successfully work both on and off the court with a myriad of different personalities? Especially if you are trying to further your basketball career, a coach will look at your motivation and attitude as part of the overall value you bring to a team. If you are low energy, complain about your position, or easily give up the ball and don’t know how to fight for it, you will be perceived as a weaker player than someone who is more motivated. Mentally prepare yourself to embrace endurance, losing games, and days you don’t feeling like bringing your A-game, and when those things do occur you will be ready to mentally face them.

Dribble, Dribble, Dribble

This goes along with practicing, but dribbling is an extremely important skill that can’t be practiced enough. Dribbling with your non-dominant hand will feel incredibly awkward at first, but will pay off in the long run. You want both of your hands to be equally skilled in ball handling, and the only way that will happen is when you force yourself to dribble on your weaker side. When players are just starting out, the tendency is to dribble too hard, and bounce the ball as forcefully as they can. Dribbling should be done with your knees bent, your head up, and your back straight, and you should always remain in control of the ball. Dribbling is central to basketball, so make sure that you have a solid base in this skill.

Look at Your Teammates

Is there someone on your team you really admire and always seems to excel in games? Study their moves, their techniques, and how they are practicing. Watching your teammates, or professional players on TV, can help you identify how you can up your game and become a better player. Watch how they move on the court, when they are defensive, and how they go in for the attack. Utilize your teammates as learning tools to make your game better, and instead of being discouraged that others are so good, use them to further your game.

Get the Right Gear

Basketball doesn’t require much gear, as opposed to other sports, but having the essentials can make you a better player. A good pair of shoes will lend support and traction, and protect your feet while running up and down the court. Having a team uniform solidifies your players, and gives you a more official presence. If you need the best custom team uniforms, you need to check out Moneyball Sportswear!  We can customize your basketball uniforms, or any other sport you may be interested in. Before you are an NBA pro, you can at least dress like one, and Moneyball Sportswear can help!

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Preventing Sports Dehydration July 31, 2017

Summer is still going, and summer sports are still in full swing. Fall sports (and school!) are on the horizon, and the weather in both of these seasons can be sunny, hot, and dehydrating. Playing sports in the warmer seasons (and really all year long) requires the proper hydration to keep you or your kids feeling good and playing great. Read on for why hydration is so important, and what steps you can take to ensure that you are getting enough water.

Why is Hydration so Important?

Our bodies do not store water, and need a constant supply of it to stay healthy and maintain bodily functions. Even though water does not contain any calories, it is considered a vital nutrient that makes up more than 50 percent of our bodies. Water aids in blood circulation, carries oxygen to cells, regulates body temperature and is a cooling agent for the body. More than this, water helps 

your body remove wastes and toxins, helps the body absorb nutrients, moisturizes the skin, and protects and cushions organs. Water is essential to human health, and the more energy you expend the more water you need. Athletes are particularly vulnerable to becoming dehydrated, and need to pay special attention to the signs of dehydration.

How to Spot Dehydration

Everyone has experienced being particularly thirsty after vigorous physical activity, but there are more serious complications to being dehydrated. Heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heatstroke are all more serious consequences of dehydration. When you become dehydrated, your body temperature rises, and the heart rate increases. Your mouth may dry out, your eyes may look sunken, and you can be irritable and have a drastic lack of energy. Your performance can decrease as well, and your strength, energy, coordination, and reflexes can become impaired. The other telltale sign of dehydration is dark-colored urine, and if you are not urinating frequently, or if your urine is not light-colored, you may be dehydrated. Being able to spot dehydration is especially important for parents and coaches of young athletes, who can dehydrate more quickly than adults due to the way their body water is distributed. Being on the lookout for early signs of dehydration can prevent more serious complications.

Heat Illness

If you do experience dehydration, heat illness will occur in three stages. Heat cramps are the first stage, and this is where you would feel excessively thirsty, and have cramps in the stomach, arms, or legs. Sports games in hot weather can easily produce heat cramps, and they should be treated before they become more serious, and you move into the next stage of heat exhaustion. Heat exhaustion includes headache, dizziness, nausea, and muscle cramps. This is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong, and parents and coaches should watch for these warning signs in children. The last stage of heat illness is heat stroke, and your body temperature can spike to dangerously high levels (104 degrees or higher), you may vomit, and have rapid, shallow breathing. The stages of heat illness can rapidly progress, and you need to spot the signs early so that more serious complications don’t occur.

Prevent Dehydration

Obviously, you need to drink water to prevent becoming dehydrated. Especially in young athletes, this can be hard to regulate, and you might not know how much water is really enough. Take into consideration the temperature, humidity, the length of a game or practice, and any heavy gear that your athlete may be wearing that increases the amount that they sweat. A general rule is to drink 4 to 8 ounces of water for every fifteen to twenty minutes of exercise. But it is also important to enter into any sporting activities properly hydrated to have the best possible start. Having your children drink water throughout the day is important, and it is easier to get hydrated first and then maintain that hydration than to go into a sports activity already lacking water. Water can also come from foods, and juicy fruits are especially great at adding in needed water to the system (think watermelon or oranges). During sporting events, sports drinks can be really good for providing both carbohydrates and electrolytes that are lost when you sweat. Water doesn’t supply these essential nutrients, and getting kids to drink sports drinks may be easier than plain water. Always having a water bottle nearby can help young and old athletes to remember to drink enough water, and making sure that bottle is empty at the end of a game can help parents regulate how much their kids are drinking.

So get out there this summer and fall and perform your best with the proper hydration! Fueling your body is essential for peak performance on the field, and getting a custom team uniform is essential to looking your best while playing! Moneyball Sportswear is proud to offer high quality custom uniforms for every sport! You keep an eye on your hydration levels, and let us take care of your new sports uniform!


Moneyball Sportswear: Now Hiring! October 7, 2016

Moneyball Sportswear is hiring for positions at our store location in the Meridian Mall.

The ideal candidate should be:

  • Comfortable working and talking to customers.
  • Able to standing and perform other basic tasks that a retail environment requires.
  • Basic math skills and comprehension will be necessary to perform job functions.
  • Retail experience is preferred but not required.

This is a short-term/holiday position with the potential to be longer term.

If Interested, fill out and return the Job Application Below.

Job Application

Moneyball Blog: “Game Changer” September 22, 2015

Game Changer


The Moneyball Baker’s Dozen concept is simple. Every month in 2015, Moneyball Sportswear will release an original t-
shirt design. When you collect the 12 shirts, you receive the 13th one free to complete the baker’s dozen!

We will be releasing our ninth new design of 2015 this Tuesday, September 22nd called “GAME CHANGER”

A “GAME CHANGER” is someone or something that changes an existing situation or activity in a significant way. A “GAME CHANGER” is creative, a visionary, and a leader. We encourage everyone to be a “GAME CHANGER”, the world has enough followers.

The “GAME CHANGER” design is available in adult t-shirts.

Moneyball Blog: “DO MORE” August 24, 2015

Do More



The Moneyball Baker’s Dozen concept is simple. Every month in 2015, Moneyball Sportswear will release an original t-
shirt design. When you collect the 12 shirts, you receive the 13th one free to complete the baker’s dozen!

We will be releasing our eigth new design of 2015 this Monday, August 24th called “DO MORE”

Just when you think that you have done enough, DO MORE. When you are working out at the gym and are ready to quit before that last rep, push yourself to DO MORE. If you feel that you have more to give in your relationships, then DO MORE. Whatever it is, always push yourself to “DO MORE” in all aspects of life.

The “DO MORE” design is available in adult t-shirts, and ladies scoop neck t-shirts.

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Moneyball Blog: “I See. I Want. I Grind. I Get.” July 20, 2015


I See I Want Art Proof T Blk

The Moneyball Baker’s Dozen concept is simple. Every month in 2015, Moneyball Sportswear will release an original t-
shirt design. When you collect the 12 shirts, you receive the 13th one free to complete the baker’s dozen!

We will be releasing our seventh new design of 2015 this Monday, July 20th called “I See. I Want. I Grind. I Get.”

When you have a dream, a goal, or a vison for something, something that you really want, then you have get out there and grind and work for it in order to get it. It’s as simple as that. Go get it!

The “I See. I Want. I Grind. I Get.” design is available in adult t-shirts, and ladies t-shirts and tanks.

“Make Moves or Make Excuses” June 23, 2015

Make Moves Art Proof Mrn


The Moneyball Baker’s Dozen concept is simple. Every month in 2015, Moneyball Sportswear will release an original t-
shirt design. When you collect the 12 shirts, you receive the 13th one free to complete the baker’s dozen!

We will be releasing our sixth new design of 2015 this Tuesday, June 23rd called “Make Moves Or Make Excuses”.

We are half way through the calender year of 2015 and my question to you is, “How are your new year resolutions
coming along? Having you been sticking to your goals that you set back in January?” Too many times we say that we
are going to do something to improve our daily lives, but our actions speak otherwise. As we know, time waits for no
one. We must “Make Moves Or Make Excuses”. Chose one. Let’s get it!

The “Make Moves Or Make Excuses” design is available in adult t-shirts, and ladies tanks.

Moneyball Blog: “Stay In Your Lane” May 18, 2015

Stay in Your Lane Art Proof Oxf


The Moneyball Baker’s Dozen concept is simple. Every month in 2015, Moneyball Sportswear will release an original t-shirt design. When you collect the 12 shirts, you receive the 13th one free to complete the baker’s dozen!

We will be releasing our fifth new design of 2015 this Tuesday, May 19th called “Stay In Your Lane”.

No need to go too far outside of the things that you know and are familiar with, stick to your strong points. Do the things that you know will keep moving in a positive focused direction. In other words,  “Stay In Your Lane”.

The “Stay In Your Lane” design is available in adult t-shirts, and ladies tri-blend t-shirts.

Moneyball Blog: “Married To The Game” April 16, 2015

Married to the Game Art Proof Wht


The Moneyball Baker’s Dozen concept is simple. Every month in 2015, Moneyball Sportswear will release an original t-
shirt design. When you collect the 12 shirts, you receive the 13th one free to complete the baker’s dozen!

We will be releasing our fourth new design of 2015 this Thursday, April 16th called “Married To The Game”.

When you are extremely passionate and in love with whatever you chose to dedicate your time towards, then you are
“Married To The Game”.

The “Married To The Game” design are available in adult t-shirts, ladies v-neck t-shirts, and youth t-shirts.

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Moneyball Baker’s Dozen: Go Getter April 1, 2015

MB Go Getter Art Proof1


We will be releasing our third new design of 2015 this Thursday, March 12th called “Go Getter”.

A “Go Getter” a person that is ambitious and who works very hard in everything it is that they do. Someone who wants
very much to succeed and will do the necessary things to make sure that they are successful. Now ask yourself, are
you a “Go Getter”?

The “Go Getter” design is available in, adult t-shirts, adult sweatshirts, and ladies football tees.

Lets get it!

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Moneyball Baker’s Dozen: Progress Not Perfection April 1, 2015



We will be releasing our second new design of 2015 this Wednseday, Jan 11th called “Progress Not Perfection”.

So many of us have heard the phrase “practice makes perfect” or even have used that term in our daily lives. As we have
all come to know, we are all perfectly imperfect, and perfection is impossible. However, we all can improve in all
aspects of life on a daily basis. So our focus should be “Progress Not Perfection”.

The “Progress Not Perfection” design is available in, adult t-shirts, adult hoodies, and ladies sweatshirts.

Lets get it!

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Moneyball Baker’s Dozen: Goal Digger April 1, 2015


Goal Digger Art Proof


The Moneyball Baker’s Dozen concept is simple. Every month in 2015, Moneyball Sportswear will release an original t-
shirt design. When you collect the 12 shirts, you receive the 13th one free to complete the baker’s dozen!

We will be releasing our first new design of 2015 this Wednseday, Jan 14th called “Goal Digger”.

A “Goal Digger” is a person who desires wealth in all areas of life and has the smarts, optimism, integrity, and passion
to do it themselves.

We all should aspire to be a “Goal Digger”.

The “Goal Digger” design are available in adult t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, and ladies long sleeve t-shirts.

Lets get it!

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