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Preventing Sports Dehydration July 31, 2017

Summer is still going, and summer sports are still in full swing. Fall sports (and school!) are on the horizon, and the weather in both of these seasons can be sunny, hot, and dehydrating. Playing sports in the warmer seasons (and really all year long) requires the proper hydration to keep you or your kids feeling good and playing great. Read on for why hydration is so important, and what steps you can take to ensure that you are getting enough water.

Why is Hydration so Important?

Our bodies do not store water, and need a constant supply of it to stay healthy and maintain bodily functions. Even though water does not contain any calories, it is considered a vital nutrient that makes up more than 50 percent of our bodies. Water aids in blood circulation, carries oxygen to cells, regulates body temperature and is a cooling agent for the body. More than this, water helps 

your body remove wastes and toxins, helps the body absorb nutrients, moisturizes the skin, and protects and cushions organs. Water is essential to human health, and the more energy you expend the more water you need. Athletes are particularly vulnerable to becoming dehydrated, and need to pay special attention to the signs of dehydration.

How to Spot Dehydration

Everyone has experienced being particularly thirsty after vigorous physical activity, but there are more serious complications to being dehydrated. Heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heatstroke are all more serious consequences of dehydration. When you become dehydrated, your body temperature rises, and the heart rate increases. Your mouth may dry out, your eyes may look sunken, and you can be irritable and have a drastic lack of energy. Your performance can decrease as well, and your strength, energy, coordination, and reflexes can become impaired. The other telltale sign of dehydration is dark-colored urine, and if you are not urinating frequently, or if your urine is not light-colored, you may be dehydrated. Being able to spot dehydration is especially important for parents and coaches of young athletes, who can dehydrate more quickly than adults due to the way their body water is distributed. Being on the lookout for early signs of dehydration can prevent more serious complications.

Heat Illness

If you do experience dehydration, heat illness will occur in three stages. Heat cramps are the first stage, and this is where you would feel excessively thirsty, and have cramps in the stomach, arms, or legs. Sports games in hot weather can easily produce heat cramps, and they should be treated before they become more serious, and you move into the next stage of heat exhaustion. Heat exhaustion includes headache, dizziness, nausea, and muscle cramps. This is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong, and parents and coaches should watch for these warning signs in children. The last stage of heat illness is heat stroke, and your body temperature can spike to dangerously high levels (104 degrees or higher), you may vomit, and have rapid, shallow breathing. The stages of heat illness can rapidly progress, and you need to spot the signs early so that more serious complications don’t occur.

Prevent Dehydration

Obviously, you need to drink water to prevent becoming dehydrated. Especially in young athletes, this can be hard to regulate, and you might not know how much water is really enough. Take into consideration the temperature, humidity, the length of a game or practice, and any heavy gear that your athlete may be wearing that increases the amount that they sweat. A general rule is to drink 4 to 8 ounces of water for every fifteen to twenty minutes of exercise. But it is also important to enter into any sporting activities properly hydrated to have the best possible start. Having your children drink water throughout the day is important, and it is easier to get hydrated first and then maintain that hydration than to go into a sports activity already lacking water. Water can also come from foods, and juicy fruits are especially great at adding in needed water to the system (think watermelon or oranges). During sporting events, sports drinks can be really good for providing both carbohydrates and electrolytes that are lost when you sweat. Water doesn’t supply these essential nutrients, and getting kids to drink sports drinks may be easier than plain water. Always having a water bottle nearby can help young and old athletes to remember to drink enough water, and making sure that bottle is empty at the end of a game can help parents regulate how much their kids are drinking.

So get out there this summer and fall and perform your best with the proper hydration! Fueling your body is essential for peak performance on the field, and getting a custom team uniform is essential to looking your best while playing! Moneyball Sportswear is proud to offer high quality custom uniforms for every sport! You keep an eye on your hydration levels, and let us take care of your new sports uniform!


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Clearing the Air: How to Clean Your Child’s Sports Gear July 19, 2017

If you have a child involved in sports you know the joy of cleaning their beloved sports gear. From stinky basketball shoes, to soccer shin guards, and the jerseys they wear to practice, games, and tournaments, it can seem daunting to keep it all clean. We are going to look at a few tips for keeping your kid’s gear stink-free and hopefully, keeping it in good condition for their entire season!

Out of the Bag

A big contributor to smelly sports gear is keeping it stuffed in a bag. It is easy for kids to smush their shoes, socks, jerseys, and more into their bag after a game and throw it in the back of the car, only to be discovered the next practice they need to use it at. Let’s hope that it wasn’t an outdoor game when it was raining, because wet clothing and gear can start to mildew when stored in a bag. Even sweaty clothing can become worse when confined in a sports bag. Teach your children to take their gear out of their bag when you get home, and put it in the appropriate place: the washing machine, a designated shoe or ball bin, or outside to dry and air out. If gear is never left to fester, you will have an easier time cleaning it and keeping the smells to a minimum.

Air Dry

Sometimes you just don’t have the time to wash your kid’s jerseys after every game or practice, especially if they are in a tournament that goes all weekend! Don’t sweat it (no pun intended)! Turn the jersey inside out and hang it up to dry—your best option is outdoors where the wind can freshen it without fully washing. Even indoors, hanging up your gear and letting it air out is better than nothing. Let items that are muddy air dry before washing as well—the mud will be easier to scrape or vacuum off and won’t cause a bigger problem in your washing machine. Really smelly shoes can be kept outside overnight, preventing them from infiltrating your house.


We play hard in our sports gear and uniforms, and they require a little extra attention when it comes time to wash. You can use a product specifically designed to pretreat, or you can just pour laundry detergent directly on the areas you want to concentrate on. Grass stains, sweat stains, dirt, clay from a track, and asphalt can all create stains that need a little extra help to disappear. If the item has gone for awhile without being washed, or if it is really dirty, you may want to soak it in a bucket before it heads to the wash. If you don’t have time to wash the items right away, get some kind of pretreatment on them so that the stains don’t set.

Inside Out

The best way to preserve jerseys that have lettering, designs, or logos that you want to keep pristine is to turn them inside out before washing. This will protect the designs and keep them from peeling or fraying. Inside out washing is also good for other sports equipment that can be put in the washer, and keeps the delicate outer layers from becoming too worn.

Wash it All!

Double check the labels, but it is likely that your gloves, knee braces, shin guards, and pads can all be thrown in the washing machine. Not only does this make your washing routine easier, it can actually get those items cleaner than washing by hand. If you have small items, or items with hard plastic, put them in a mesh bag to avoid catching on other clothing or gear. Usually the washing machine is okay for delicate gear, but you should avoid the dryer and air dry these items. If you find that you are able to wash your child’s gear and clothing in the washing machine, it will make keeping everything clean and fresh so much easier!

Water Bottles

An essential piece of gear for every athlete is a water bottle to keep them hydrated and performing great. Especially if you put liquids other than water in your bottle, such as Gatorade, it can eventually start to smell or taste off. Get a brush that fits the inside of your bottle so that you can scrub every part and make sure you are getting it really clean. Soaking your bottle in baking soda, or using white vinegar, can help to draw out odors and restore your bottle to its original freshness. A cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol can get into the small parts of your bottle’s lid or mouthpiece and will sterilize in the process. Keep your kid’s bottles clean and they will be motivated to drink more water!


The baseball hat is an essential piece of gear for many sports, and can get really dirty, especially on the inside. But putting your hat in the washing machine is definitely not a good idea, unless you like a misshapen hat! A great tip for baseball hats is to put them on the top rack of your dishwasher! Of course, don’t put it in with dirty dishes! Clothespin in onto the rack, wash, and air-dry for a fresh, clean hat.

Take it Outside

Some items just can’t be washed in the machine, such as balls, bats, cones, and leather gloves. These items can be cleaned outside, and if they can handle water, you can use the hose. If they are more delicate, scrubbing them with a dry or slightly damp brush can eliminate much of the dirt and buildup. Items that can handle water can be sprayed with the hose and dried in the sunshine.

So don’t let your kid’s sports equipment become a nightmare to clean! Follow these tips and have clean, fresh gear that everyone is happy about. If you are wanting high-quality, custom jerseys or uniforms, you need to turn to Moneyball Sportswear! We can supply you with uniforms for any sport, all you need to do is keep them clean!


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Turkey day and The Rivalry December 5, 2016

greatest-hood-2The year is simply cruising by, it seems that only yesterday it was spring and we were gearing up for the next round of outdoor sports. Well, at this point the year is coming to an end and we barely have a month left in 2016. The past week featured one of the biggest days in sports, no, not the Super Bowl or the World Cup Finals. However, for some, the most anticipated day in sports, Thanksgiving. That’s right, the day when it is possible to eat as much as you want and watch football. The most wonderful day of the year.

Now to be fair, Thanksgiving is not only about gorging on a delightful meal, the turkey, stuffing, gravy and mashed potatoes, it is like heaven on a table. Thanksgiving also happens to be the day when families (or friends too) everywhere get together to enjoy each other’s company. That may mean sitting around the firepit sipping on apple cider, lounging around on the couch watching your favorite team between naps, or getting active and playing football in the yard. If that is the way your crew plays it, why not get some custom uniforms from Moneyball Sportswear. Just think of how awesome it would be if you were playing against your cousins from Texas in your backyard in Oklahoma, and you walk out with sweet custom jerseys from Moneyball. Boom. Shut it down.The backyard is where legends are made.

In all seriousness, the family that plays together shares a bond that is very special. Being out on the field or the court is a true bonding experience, particularly for families. There is something special about competition and sharing that with those you love. It is like being on a battlefield with all of your trusted compatriots. The laughing, sweating, at least one disagreement, and the victory at the end, the rivalry poised to renew next year.

dreamstime_xxl_7773253Keeping the fun in family is all about being together and keeping the spirit of togetherness alive. The drain of everyday life can push families apart and keep them from truly connecting. Getting outside or to the gym with your family can reinforce the bond that sometimes unwittingly slips away. The most important aspect of playing as a family is the opportunity to get your kids involved. It may seem like simple fun and exercise but in reality your kids are learning important lessons about how to stay fit and healthy.

At Moneyball Sportswear we are advocates of getting out there and playing. It might be your kids, it might be your family or you might just be shooting hoops by yourself but get out there. Celebrate Thanksgiving with a football game or New Year’s Eve with a 3 on 3 tournament for you and your buddies. Remember what fun it is to play the game again, and maybe even introduce a new player to the game. Make it a resolution in the coming year to teach someone new about your favorite game, even if it is sitting on the couch and watching football.     


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Competition Is Life November 29, 2016

Battle Tested - Black TeeIn the charged political climate of today, the divisions are apparent when you watch the news or social media. The division seems to be an odd combination of internet anonymity and the need for shock value. Thankfully, everything in the political spectrum is going to eventually calm down and life will go back to normal. That being said, there is a lot that politics in America can learn from team sports. All we need to make everyone play nice is a brand new set of custom uniforms from Moneyball Sportswear. Moneyball is the premier, custom team uniform distributor in the country. We offer uniforms for almost every team sport you can think of: Soccer, basketball football and even hockey. The quality of our uniforms is what sets us apart from the competition.


That’s right, competition; competition is healthy when there is respect for the game and that begins with playing for the simple joy of the game. In this day and age there is a lot of talk about participation trophies and such, the idea of discouraging competition for the sake of saving a child from defeat. As with politics, the debate becomes heated surrounding this philosophy, and the lines are drawn. Regardless of which side you are on, competition will never truly go away, it is in our nature as living things to compete for almost everything. The thing about competition is that it is not simply about playing the game, but about winning. To humans, the idea of competition has become twisted into the idea that competing is only about the game; well that is true to a sense, but in the grand scheme of things, competition is all about winning.

Elk Battles

dreamstime_10563210Think of it this way, bull elk move through the summer months in tight knit bachelor groups. They travel their range, defend their group from predators and generally get along pretty well. Once fall hits, however, all bets are off and the bull elk are now in competition with one another. The elk ensure their genetics will survive by amassing what is known as a harem, or a group of females. These harems are guarded fiercely by the big bull elk and are often challenged by other bulls for the harem. Spectacular fights ensue with grappling antlers and mud flying off of digging hooves. This is competition at its finest, one winner and one loser. The drive of the elk is motivated by something other than the simple desire to fight; it is the desire to win.   

It is a fine line that we walk when we take away the desire to win and simply play a game for the simple act of playing it. When every little kid on the t-ball team is given a trophy, it is reinforcing that winning isn’t everything. A very solid lesson because eventually, everyone comes in second and losing is as important as winning. Winning, however, is ingrained in us as much as it is the politicians or the bull elk fighting for his harem, where the only thing that matters is winning.

Teaching With Sports November 11, 2016

dreamstime_xxl_19151718When things go bad in this world and the offender is a child, we tend to blame the parents. In this age we live in of mass shootings, terrorism and political divisiveness, it is the parents who we look to when something goes wrong. The parents are not always the ones to blame and it is a slippery slope when solely blaming the parents when something happens.


That being said, as parents we have a responsibility to make sure our kids are safe and happy. At Moneyball Sportswear, we believe in the power of the game. Custom uniforms, inspirational sportswear and performance gear are only a part of what we are all about. We believe in the positivity of healthy competition, the joy that comes from achieving your dreams and the comradery that is nurtured within a team. These traits all come from a parent’s gift of playing with their children.


HEART LADIESAt most levels, sports are about playing and enjoying, the competition is secondary but still important. It is good for children to learn the lessons that accompany playing team sports. It is also good for parents to teach their children about the responsibilities that comes with playing on a team: The responsibility to themselves, their teammates and their team. It is about giving it your all, success and failure.


The way our society is these days could benefit from more parents being involved with their children, instilling core values that stimulate hard work and determination. It is you, the parent, that they will look up to and emulate, let’s create the best possible example for them. Play with your children, read to your children and encourage your children. Teach them that the best thing about playing sports is not only winning and losing but the grace and integrity with which you play.     

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Beautiful Risk November 4, 2016

dreamstime_xxl_47460001The general consensus in any sport is the fact that, in order to get to the top, it is necessary to take chances. While this may be true, the only risk that one should take must be meticulously calculated. At Moneyball Sportswear, we are not averse to taking a fair amount of risks, business itself is full of risk. That being said, we have minimized our risk considerably by offering the best custom uniforms available, no matter what sport you are involved in, basketball, baseball, football or soccer, we have it.

The Risk of …Risk

Fadeaway basketball uniform design

The subject of risk is a double-edged sword. If a risk is taken and everything doesn’t work out the risk is deemed to be foolish. Now, if a player takes a risk and it pays off, the risk is deemed noble or gutsy. It is simply a risk to take a risk. Now, risk taking can be healthy but it means different things to different people. Some of us may have been that little kid walking onto the court with skinny arms and saggy shorts, risking it all to try out for the team. Maybe we were that little girl, who was never very athletic, trying out for the soccer team because she loves to play in her backyard. Both calculated risks that will pay off in one way or another.  

Your Game is All You

In competition risks are either rewarded or vilified and it is not a good idea to take a risk without making an educated calculation. That is why the great ones always seem to be so effortless; to them risk is simply another calculation. When you put your trust in Moneyball Sportswear, you can rest easy, we have eliminated all of the risk. Your custom uniforms will be exactly how you want and of unrivaled quality. We will take care of your uniforms; your game, that is up to you.        

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Some Uniform History August 16, 2016

Have you ever thought about why the sports that we play or watch use the uniforms that they do? Well let’s talk a bit about the way uniforms have evolved over time. It is human nature to become nostalgic about days gone by, maybe it is the fact that we tend to think of the past as better than the future. The old uniforms make us feel like the little kids who used to watch people like Terry Bradshaw, Ted Williams or Michael Jordan. The resurgence of “throwback” team uniforms is apparent everywhere, especially the football field where vintage jerseys and unimaginable color combinations bring us back. At Moneyball Sportswear we create custom uniforms for the future, we respect the past and strive for excellence.


The first baseball uniforms were worn in New York by the Knickerbockers in 1849. Simple, classic white shirts with knee socks and straw hats. The epitome of class and character on the baseball field. Through the years following that fateful game, baseball uniforms have gone through a drastic evolution. Gone are the flannel shirts and knee socks, now we have synthetic materials and overly designed mascots. In the early years, jerseys didn’t even have numbers.


Football uniforms have changed the most throughout the years. We all have seen the comical leather aviator-style helmets of the early 20th century. The addition of pads, interestingly, came along with the addition of tackling below the knee. Modern-day football players resemble robots in the advanced, technical gear of the gridiron of today. The current state of football gear is in a period of adjustment with the controversy about concussions.



Moneyball Sportswear is proud to be the finest custom uniform company in the world. We can help you with football, basketball, baseball and even Quidditch (?!) custom uniforms. Contact us today for your estimate and dress your players in the best.

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Chasing Frustration August 5, 2016

dreamstime_xxl_13493605We are all obsessed with the game, and isn’t that the way it is supposed to be? What’s your game? It could be the gridiron, the hardwood, the diamond or the pitch. They all have extremely passionate fans and players. Training is a big part of these sports and generally played at a very high level by young men and women. The beautiful game is generally considered to be soccer but the evidence is there that would suggest that the most widely appealing game on earth is golf. Now, golf may not have the awesome custom uniforms like the ones we make at Moneyball Sportswear but that is part of the charm. You do not need protective gear for golf and you do not need to be an Adonis to play the game.    

A Least The Game Is Beautiful…

polo royalThe stereotypical golfer is an old, retired, cigar smoker with a beer belly and bad knees. Now that is not necessarily true but it does stand as a statement to golf’s wide-ranging appeal. You can be an 80-year-old with a marginal heart and still enjoy the most frustrating game ever invented. That is the only way you can truly describe it, the pinnacle of frustration. Golf is like that untouchable girl you had a crush on in high school, she would build you up and just when you think you had her figured out, she would change. Golf does that. It pulls you in and once it gets its claws into you it’s over fella. You will chase that little ball around for the rest of your life and learn more swear words than you would in prison.


That being said, chase on, chase that little ball down the links. If it is fulfilling to your soul then by all means, do it. At Moneyball Sportswear we are your custom uniform headquarters, we may even have your next golf shirt, and yes, we can put your name on the back.       Click Here For A Quote!

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Bills Not Thrills July 28, 2016

dreamstime_xxl_3196488There is nothing better than watching your little girl sink her first free throw. The excitement on the court, your precious little angel with the ball in her hands standing in an awkward stance. Dribbling nervously in staccato, knees shaking, then the moment comes; the ball slipping off of her fingers in an awkward wobble. The arc through the air is straight and true, with not a single deviation from the net. It bounces on the edge of the rim in a sickening thump, bounces up and forward, softly swishing through the net. The fact made better by a custom Moneyball uniform with her name on the back.


Its Up To UsLadies Zip Pink

We teach them about teamwork and we teach them that giving 110% is not only the way you play the game, but the only way to live life. We try and instill the best possible values into our children as a way to make them a bit more bullet proof against the world. Sports brings those values to the surface in real competition, real heartbreak and real pain. On the court, the opponent is real and can fight back. In the real world, the only opponent may be seen only in the mirror. As a parent it is up to you to make them safe and secure in their own skin. Whether basketball does that for your child is not important, what is important is the sense of accomplishment that comes with sinking a basket from the freethrow line when you are still under five feet tall. The excited cheer of her parents and a big hug of encouragement are enough to keep the demons away for now.        


So get out and play with your kids, heck get out and watch your kids play. Adults seem to forget about how much fun it was to play. It’s all bills not thrills for most of us, but take joy in the children and lift them up.

The Love is Enough June 30, 2016

The ball reports off of the bat like a cannon shot. You realize that it is well beyond the distance that you have reached before. The air is thick with humidity and sweat begins to run into your eyes. The ball disappears over the fence to the sound of broken glass. You look at your teammates and wonder if it is reason to celebrate or apologize. You stick your fist in the air and run the bases, like a professional at Fenway you jog into home surrounded by your buddies. The custom uniforms have paid off, finally. The down side is, the car you hit belonged to the state patrol and you pulled your groin on the next at-bat.
dreamstime_xxl_43296182Beer League

Now you and your buddies are terrible softball players but you have legit custom team uniforms. The name you have chosen, Sons of Pitches, screams seventh place in a seven-team league. Do you care? I’ll bet not. The spectacular home run aside, you guys have the most fun being the worst. Practices turn into an hour of messing around with your buddies and post game beers are always a bonding experience. This is beer league.

It’s More than the Game

At Moneyball Sportswear we don’t care if you are a three-time golden glove winner or a housewife who was dragged to coed softball by her husband. We want you to look great missing that throw to third. Check out all of our custom softball uniforms and get your team ready to win! Well maybe not win…

Youth Sports Are on Life Support June 24, 2016

He steps to the line, shifts his eyes to the basket and back down to the ball. Bouncing it three times he takes a deep breath, focusing on the rim, 15 feet from the line. He bounces the ball a few more times, exhaling and trying to calm his screaming nerves. He pulls up his custom uniform and wipes his dripping face. This is it, the ball floats from his fingertips and bounces on the rim. The spectators hold their breath and it seems that the sound simply fell out of the air. The ball teeters through the net and a roar emanates from the crowd. Spectators and teammates alike swarm the court to celebrate the narrow victory. He is hoisted up on shoulders and carried like a hero. His face is a beaming vision of pure joy.  

Respect the shooter - Kids Black TeeQualities

The scene above is the moment that young man will carry with him for the rest of his life. He will never play in the NBA and more than likely only play intramurals in college. That one moment though, will carry him through to adulthood. Confidence, integrity, drive and responsibility are all traits he will take away from from playing the game. Qualities that cannot be taught in books and must be instilled through experience and reinforced through success.  

The world today is rife with opportunities to be sedentary. As adults, we tend to fall into patterns and stick there, we rely on the lessons that were learned in athletics and physical education to stay fit. Children who participate in physical education and athletics are more likely to lead a healthier life in the future. Prevention of illnesses and/or diseases such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes and depression are all linked to an active healthy lifestyle.

Necessary Lessons

Athletics are a necessity in schools today. It is not always seen as an important part of the educational system but children who do not have a quality physical education. These children are more likely to be obese than those who do not participate in physical education. It is imperative that we support physical education in our schools for the future of our children. As prominent as it is in the culture of schools in America, athletic programs are in danger. Make no mistake it is an important part of the school experience but ultimately it is an issue of money. Athletic programs cost money and it is not always in the best interest of the school to continue funding them.track-suit-black

You can Help

At Moneyball Sportswear, we believe in athletics and physical education for students of all ages. If you believe as we do, take a look at how your school district is running its athletic programs. If you discover that you don’t like it, change it! The kids need our help and positive resolution is always the best course of action. At Moneyball Sportswear, we are about giving back and providing a positive force in this world: All things we learned in gym class.  


Aging Warrior June 20, 2016

Bring all of your frustrations, all of your insecurities, all of your aggressions. Pack them in your gym bag and bring them to the one place where they can be beaten into submission. Take all of that emotional baggage to the court, the place you can push yourself, compete against those of greater skill and walk away either the victor or the beaten.

The Game Is What MattersEZ038-36

The win or the loss matters to some, but you have a higher calling, to push yourself farther than a forty-year-old ever should. You will never be a professional, you will never dunk on a superstar, never have a custom uniform and you will never be shown on a jumbotron (unless you are on the kiss cam). In the end does getting to do any of those things matter? To some it is everything, most of us are just content to be waking up every morning.

Leave it on the Court

The thing about the court and the game is the investment that you have made to it over the years. It is as important as one of your children and just as needy. The game has taken your time, your sweat and your blood. You still eat, sleep and breathe the game, knowing that one day you will be forced to put it down forever. Until that day, live it, never give up on trying to be the best. Moneyball Sportswear knows the emotions and we are here to stand by your passion, offering apparel and inspiration for the next game.       


Success Is Worn May 29, 2016

What does it take to be happy and successful? We could go on for hours and hours about the various metaphors or slogans and we would never actually figure out the “secret” to success. Everyone has a formula, everyone has a recipe and everyone has a “sure fire way” to make you successful. Billions are spent every year on self help success oriented material, podcasts, custom uniforms and conferences. I am reminded of the movie “Up In The Air” and the character Ryan Bingham who equates success with happiness, eventually realizing that success and happiness are relative.

The Myth of Success

Romanticism of poverty is always used as an example of being happy in most success oriented rhetoric. The old adage that those without monetary success are the happiest is meant to get us all warm and cozy when things don’t go our way. This view of happiness and success is a crutch for failure.

body_image_wide_teamsLet me explain

I am not saying that monetary success is the key to happiness but, in most success-focused rhetoric, money is thrown around quite a bit. That is the dichotomy we face when listening to someone else tell us what success is and how to achieve it. That dude on stage ranting about happiness is probably extremely happy to be able to give inspirational talks, while making a ton of money. Conversely, that guy living in a trailer with a pet goat and a huge dysfunctional family is not guaranteed happiness simply because he has his family around. Given what we have been force-fed by society, it is highly likely we would perceive that the goat guy is happier.

Show Up

Happiness and success will always be elusive for some people simply because they don’t show up. Peyton Manning the future hall-of-fame quarterback for the Colts and Broncos said, “I’ve never left the field saying,’I could have done more to get ready.’ And that gives me peace of mind.” That guy is the poster child for showing up, simply being there is not enough you have to “show up”. You need to be prepared, engaged and ready to work. If you do that, happiness and success will find you. The downside is, if you are a complete jerk, you will only get so far; being a jerk only works really well if you are an actor.

Look The Part

So you are determined to be  successful and achieve ultimate happiness while you do it. We have one more suggestion for you. Next time you and your boys head to the gym for league night, think about some custom uniforms from Moneyball Sportswear. You may not hit more 3’s or rebounds but you will look prepared and ready to dominate. Before you even step on the court you will have the advantage of looking like the most prepared, and ready for success. Moneyball Sportswear has professional quality uniforms that are fully customizable. Stop by our Basketball Uniforms page for all of the designs and then head to our quote page to get the ultimate custom uniforms for your squad.

The Beginning May 16, 2016

Ttackle twill custom uniformshe lights go down and the volume of the crowd  increases. The spotlights cut through the darkness of the arena, slashing across the seats in dizzying patterns. The music begins low and builds into a crescendo, pumping the crowd into a frenzy. The players take the ice to the deafening roar of the crowd, the music seemingly making the roof pulsate under the bass. The building itself feels like a living thing, an enclosed, barely containable energy that threatens the integrity of the walls themselves. The team, instantly recognizable in their custom uniforms, skates to center ice. At a maximum of four feet tall, the players run into each other and bounce off of the ice like little wind-up toys.

Any Level

The most important levels of any sports career are, unquestionably, the early years. The beginning of an appreciation for teamwork, hard work and accountability. When we watch our little stars out on the field, rink, or the court it is easy to make criticisms that may harm the game for them. It is not unusual for a child to be turned off of sports all together because of an overzealous parent. The aspect of fun should be emphasized above all else. The competitive spirit and the drive to succeed will bloom out of the love of the game in its purest form.

Every player out there, regardless of level, deserves the finest custom uniforms. Custom uniforms promote a team mentality and a cohesive attitude towards the team as a whole. Moneyball Sportswear is the custom uniform supplier for a multitude of sports. Check out our exclusive designs and order your custom team uniforms today.

The Perfect Pass April 29, 2016


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The pitch is lit from two lights, barely as bright a flashlight. You meet here every Monday night, rain or shine, for the weekly match. It takes dedication, heart and the absolute need to play the game to show up some days. Despite a thousand excuses; the lawn needs mowing, a proposal is due tomorrow, the in-laws are in town, the sink is leaking, the kids are acting up, it’s pouring down rain, you need custom uniforms. None of these excuses matter once you step on the pitch and make that perfect first pass.The reason to play the game has escaped you long ago and now it is purely out of love. That perfect pass, the targeted header and the sublime goal. That’s all that matters when you are on the field. Life is paused for a short period and the focus is on the next whistle and the ball. We get it.

Dedication Deserves the Best

Dress for the position that you want; that is the old adage in the business world, and it applies to the soccer pitch as well. You could have a team that plays once a month and always comes in last. The thing that separates you from most others it that you are out there in the dirt, getting after it. Don’t you deserve to look like winners? Of course you do. Do you think Messi feels indifferent when he pulls his kit on? Of course not. He is ready to play, more importantly, ready to win and take no prisoners. Is it the jersey alone that makes him feel this way? No.

Defend Your House

The reason the greatest soccer player in the world gets as pumped up as a toddler in a ball pit is because of what his jersey represents. His team. His team is there rain or shine, for the assist, the pass or the word with the ref after a yellow card. What does your team have in common with Messi? Not much except the brotherhood that comes with playing the beautiful game. You have each others’ backs and always show up when it is needed. You defend your pitch from interlopers.

The Next Level

You are a team and act as such, in the match or on the street. Isn’t it time to consider custom uniforms? Picture yourself pulling on your own jersey, just like Messi, and jogging out to your team on the pitch. All of your brothers are wearing their custom jerseys and you have taken your team to the next level. With Moneyball Sportswear you can custom design your own unique uniform. We offer a variety of colors, patterns and configurations to accent your team and make them stand out. Team logos, sponsors, player names, all can be added to your jersey of choice.

Moneyball Sportswear is your premier custom uniform designer and supplier. We can’t help you play like Messi but you can feel the same rush! Please check out our custom soccer uniform page and order your team their kits today!

tackle twill custom uniforms
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The Tackle Twill Technique January 3, 2016

tackle twill custom uniformsTackle twill is an excellent technique for adding numbers, names, and emblems to our uniform materials. Tackle twill is an industry-standard technique, and it provides a long-lasting product.

The Design Process

Through the tackle twill process, a ‘patch’ is designed and created through the aid of a computer. This patch will be printed by a machine. Patches can be designed as any number of symbols and patterns, including lettering, numbers, and emblems. This makes tackle twill ideal for producing custom uniforms and sports apparel.


To apply patches to sportswear, the patch is first placed on the taut fabric of the uniform. Then, the uniform and patch are placed in the stitching machine. A specialized machine performs fast-paced sewing around the edges of the emblem and throughout the emblem as is necessary. This stitching secures the patch to the uniform fabric, and it provides an elegant look that’s popular in the world of sports.

Why Choose Tackle Twill?

Tackle twill is desirable due to its durability, versatility, and aesthetic. Tackle twill patch applications are raised above the fabric, providing an extra dimension to our custom sports clothing. When you get custom uniforms through Moneyball Sportswear, we can utilize tackle twill to provide you with a unique, professional quality design. We can also design and produce custom uniforms through sublimation and reverse sublimation printing techniques.

If you’re curious about our custom uniforms, or if you’d like to learn more about our production techniques, feel free to give us a call. You can also get started by requesting a quote for custom uniforms here.

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